Google+ for Media : A Quick Video Showing How TV News and Media Use Google+ Hangouts to Meet With Their Viewers [Video]

Hangouts is one of the most used and popular feature on Google+. It’s used by most of the google+ users, people in politics, chefs, education, etc..

You’ll be surprised to know who is next most popular user of hangouts? It the television news and media networks.

Here is a quick video of how it’s been used by TV and media networks

You may be wondering why TV shows and television networks use hangouts. Well television is a one way medium unless you visit their studio or they visit to interview you; which is not possible reaching out and connecting the mass population. This is where Google+ hangouts really help with their amazing two-way communication. With hangouts on air one could broadcast to hundreds or thousands of viewers powered by youtube.

Hosts of television networks and Google+ users now can take full advantage of hangouts and meet with their viewers with convenience of being in their respective studio and living rooms. Amazing huh?

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