Launching Hangouts Link Change Update for Bookmarking or Shortcuts!

Hangout power users not always goes through the Google+ user interface to launch hangouts. Instead they just bookmark a link and launch hangouts right from there (of course you must be signed in).

Unfortunately Google recently has converted the launcher link into a hangout information page. That left users wonder how to quickly launch hangouts now?

hangouts bookmark or shortcut link

Google+ hangouts bookmarks / shortcut link (Images: Google+)

No worries, +chew chew who manages hangout engineering has recently offered as an immediate alternative for launching hangouts.

Please create a shortcut or bookmark this link and start using it for launching hangouts. Google+ team will announce if any new link changes are available. Enjoy!.

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  1. Clarence L Hamilton Jr


    In my professional opinion, Google is always cutting edge on all that they provide to their users. I personally use all of the resources available, to further my business interest on Google.

    Thanks for all you do!

    +Clarence L Hamilton Jr

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