Google Releases in-Depth Articles in Search Results

Google introduces a new block of results called in-depth articles that you’ll soon see appearing on search results while searching for broader topics.

Whenever we want to know or research about something we quickly turn to google and get results based on the keywords we search. This works great for longer keywords and we should be quickly able to decide on a single result.

However for researching, we use  shorter (one or two words) a.k.a. broader keywords for which there could be millions of results. Although Google provides relevant results, we may have to scan through result pages, choose a result and visit the site to read more about it.

Wouldn’t it be cool, if Google provides suggestions based on articles written by experts or trusted authors that already exists about a topic you are looking for? Yes, that is exactly what this in-depth articles is about. Over the years Google has crawled and knows quality articles about certain topics and now provides them as in-depth articles in search results (refer image below).

For e.g search for keyword population growth and scroll down the results you’ll find a new block called In-depth articles that links to quality articles written over the years from experts or trusted sources.

In-Depth Articles in Google Search Results Released

Here in this example, Google is showing in-depth articles from trusted sources like National Geographic, Guardian and New Yorker.

Want to see your article appear in this block? Then follow the instructions mentioned here. More information about the announcement can be found here.

In Summary: To have your article appear in In-depth articles

  • Mark your data with Semantic markup via markup syntax
  • Google+ Authorship
  • Use rel=canonical in your pages
  • Markup your logo through semantic metadata
  • Content must be First Click Free

More examples to try out in-depth articles

Try these keywords: capital punishment, e-waste, barack obama, white house, new york

This is one more great addition to search results that’ll help search users quickly identify great articles related to topics they are researching.

Please share your experience with In-depth articles through Google+ comments below.

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