Actively Discussed on Google+ : A New Link on Search Results That Shows What People Are Talking About Your Searched Keyword With Comments!

Google and its search results are getting deeper integration with the google+ social network every now and then. Earlier you might have heard about personalized search results, +1 button, share link, etc.

Now we have one more new entry to the list called Actively discussed on google+. The way this works is when you search for a keyword, you’ll find a new link Actively discussed on google+ just beneath the search results (SERP’s) based on if there is active discussion about that topic inside G+ (we are still not sure about time frame what active represents, our assumption most likely is recent).

Here we searched for the keyword Google+ and this is what we got

Actively discussed on google+

Search for keyword Google+ returned with actively discussed link

and when we clicked on the Show here is what we got

Show actively discussed beneath serp's

Expanded view of active discussion in SERP’s

You’ll find profile pictures of the original sharer and few comments and commenters along with a link to read rest of the comments on G+.

As always this is not yet rolled out to everyone and looks like they are still testing it out. However if you try for few times with various keywords you might get lucky once in a while.

The interesting thing is, this will work even without you being logged in into Google+ and clicking on View comments takes directly to the G+ page.

Check it out  and please share your thoughts.

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