Google+ iPhone iPad App Released With Google Drive Support

Google+ iOS team has released version 4.5.0 of Google+ iphone and ipad app and now available in App Store.

Today’s Google+ for iOS release (v4.5.0) includes the following updates: (According to +Frank Peterson of iOS team)

Google+ iOS app for iphone and ipad released (Images: App Store)


  • Photos and videos stored in Google Drive are now accessible from Google+
  • Google Apps for Business features (like domain-restricted posts) are now supported
  • You can start a Hangout or share a private post with someone directly from their profile. In addition: profiles now include Reviews and Videos tabs.
  • Hangouts replaces Messenger for messaging and video calls. (You can download your Messenger conversations from Google Takeout.)

Install or Update the app from App Store here.

This update includes two new features: Sharing Photos or Videos from Google Drive and Restricted Posts for Domain users similar to that of Google+ Android App released yesterday.

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