Cannot +1 the New Facebook Like Button Extension on Google Chrome Web Store – Hilarious!

One of our readers has sent the following story and it’s interesting and really hilarious. Story in short : He can’t +1 a facebook like button google chrome web store extension page on chrome web store.

Here is what has happened

The user went to chrome web store and installed the Google +1 Button chrome extension. The +1 button extension can be installed from

Now he went to the Facebook Like Button page at and clicked on the +1 button on the google chrome browser bar next to the settings icon (wrench icon). (This +1 button button will only appear if you install the +1 button extension as mentioned above)

To his surprise he got the following message Cannot +1 this page. (refer screenshot below) Hilarious huh! To give a better background to whoever not getting the funny part here : Like button is from Facebook and +1 button is the competing product from Google. Now you get the idea 🙂

Here is a screenshot of the message he got

Cannot +1 facebook like button google chrome extension page on web store

Cannot +1 facebook like button google chrome extension page on web store

To better understand the situation we tried ourselves by installing the Google +1 button extension followed by going to the Facebook Like extension page and pressed the +1 button. Voila, it worked as a snap. We couldn’t reproduce this, Looks like there was a bug or some sort of an error would have happened during that time and doesn’t look intentional but definitely hilarious!!

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