PSY Gangnam Style Music Video Crosses 2 Billion Views on YouTube

PSY’s popular Gangnam Style Music Video crosses over 2 billion views on YouTube.

This is the first ever video in YouTube history to cross 2 billion views and also make new milestones in other metrics of subscription, comments, likes and dislikes (summary below)

PSY Gangnam Style Video Crosses 2 Billion Hits

Gangnam Style Video Statistics

  • Over 2 billion views (2,000,063,636 views as of this writing)
  • Over 6 million subscribers (6,998,989 subscribers) to officialpsy channel
  • Over 8 million likes / thumbs up (8,321,955 likes)
  • Over 1 million dis-likes / thumbs down (1,037,660 dis-likes)
  • Over 5 million comments (5,183,506 comments)

YouTube celebrates this successful video by marking the 2 billion views with an exclusive PSY dancing icon in front and after the views display (refer highlighted section in image below).

PSY's Gangnam Style Video grosses over 2 billion views on YouTube

This video is a great example of how YouTube empowers any individual with unique ideas to reach the mass without having a big budget or no budget at all. In fact PSY earned millions through advertisement income through this video.

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