Google Chrome Updates Privacy Error for Invalid SSL Certificates

Latest version of Google Chrome has updated its privacy error page and prevents you from erroneously visiting websites with SSL certificate errors (unless you choose advanced and continue).

When you access a website via SSL i.e https:// the server returns a SSL certificate which must be valid so that you’re assured that you’re talking to a trusted website. Once valid it also ensures all communication between you and the website is securely transferred over an encrypted connection.

Up until now Chrome just warns you when a certificate is invalid but makes it easy to ignore the notice and continue which is a privacy risk (when user doesn’t pay attention to it). For a long time, Firefox on the other hand blocks access to website with invalid certificates completely (unless you add an exception, which may require technical knowledge).

Chrome now follows the same standard similar to Firefox. So, If you update your Chrome browser to the latest Version 37.0.2062.94 or above and visit any site via https:// and if that websites SSL certificate is expired, invalid or untrusted (self signed certificates), you’ll be completely blocked from visiting that site with the following error message (refer image below).

Chrome Certificate Privacy Error Page

Chrome Certificate Privacy Error Page

So if you see the above message it is better to click on Back to safety blue button and safely leave without visiting that site (unless you are technical and know what you’re doing since Invalid or self-signed certificates are used in website test environments).

The good news is, Chrome is doing this for your own safety and security so that all your personal details like passwords, credit cards or messages are protected.

Want an option to still ignore the warning and proceed? Just click on the Advanced link that appears in the left (refer image below) and click on the Proceed to <> (unsafe) and continue using the website at your own risk.

Chrome Browser Privacy Error Advanced Option

Chrome Browser Privacy Error Advanced Option

Our advice is to click on back to safely & immediately leave and not use the advanced link at all (unless you’re technical and know what you’re doing).

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  1. Mathnado

    Thanx for fixing something that wasn’t a problem, now I can’t get my mail, yahoo, and gmail. You guys must live in a vacuum!!!

  2. Ellen

    Just great. The advanced button doesn’t work either. I am now using Internet Explorer again so that I can get to my emails. Still some stuff that I cannot access. Thank You, Chrome for making my life SO much easier….NOT. I’ve left my email. Not that it’s any good because I can’t get to it

  3. Linda

    Thanks for fixing something that was not a problem. I literally can’t get to any of the websites I frequent. I a m going to have to change browsers.

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