Upcoming Chrome Browser Helps to Shut Up Sites Making Noise!

How many times we’re all annoyed by the automatic playback of music or audio while opening a site? We’ve to deal with at-least few times a day right?

The problem is not just that, If we have several tabs open you have to scan through all the tabs to figure out which site is playing that audio/video.

You don’t have to deal with this manually anymore. Now the world’s most popular browser chrome has a solution for it. If chrome finds any site that plays audio, it’ll automatically mark that site tab with a speaker icon so that you can quickly switch to that tab and take action or close the tab altogether (to shut up the site that makes the annoying noise).

New Chrome Beta Browser with Speaker, Webcam & Cast Icon in Tab [Images: Google]

Next Version of Google Chrome to include following new features

  • Speaker icon on chrome tabs to inform you about audio is played in that tab (Easy to close sites that play audio or music automatically)
  • Webcam icon to inform site is using your webcam
  • Cast icon to inform your tab is being broadcasted to Chromecast
  • New chrome look in Windows 8 Metro mode (only for windows users)
  • Integrated App Launcher similar to chromebooks
  • Automatically blocks malware files and keeps your machine secure (You’ll be notified with This file is malicious and Chrome has blocked it message)

Can’t Wait? Want to try out these new chrome features? Download Chrome Browser Beta and try for yourself.

Check it out and please share your thoughts through Google+ comments.

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