Google Chromecast SDK Released and Available for All Developers

Google Chromecast SDK also known as Google Cast Software Development Kit is released today and publicly available to all developers for download.

Are you a Software Developer and waiting to add support for Chromecasting into your apps or websites? Then here is the good news, the wait is over.

Google today lifted the curtain and opened up the SDK to all developers who are interested in developing their own Chromecast apps or integrating your apps or websites with Chromecast support.

Cast Icon on Apps to cast to your Chromecast [Images: Google]


Cast API comes in 3 flavors to support Android (Android Sender API), iOS (iOS Sender API) and the Chrome (Chrome Sender API) platform.

  • iOS Sender API is available for download immediately. Just download from developers page and start writing your iOS Chromecast App (Download here)
  • For Chrome Sender API, just include this URL in your page and start using the API right away.
  • Chrome Sender API requires at least Chrome 32 and Cast Extension version or above.
  • For Android Sender API, you may need to wait for sometime (most likely a day). The reason is, Google Play Services 4.2 is required to support Android Sender API and it is rolling out to Android devices only on or after February 3rd. Once the rollout is done, you’ll be able to download the API via Android SDK Manager along with Google Play services library revision 15.

As of this writing, Chromecast officially only supports 17 total apps (Recently announced 10 Chromecast apps + previously announced 7 Chromecast apps).

More details about how to get started, api documentation, writing your first app, download sdk, chromecast sample apps, etc is available at this developers page.

With Chromecast SDK/API now publicly available to developers, it is just a matter of time for Chromecast library to be flooded with ton of apps.

Are you planning to develop something with this Chromecast API? We want to hear your thoughts or ideas through Google+ comments below.

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