Customize Google+ Badge / Widget With Width Height and Color Themes, Size Is Deprecated!

You might have already integrated google+ badge/widget on your blog or website. But often we hear (and we have to agree with it) that it lacks customization like width, height, background color, etc and therefore doesn’t fit the site theme.

Google+ badge/widget customization

There is good and bad news for web masters like you. The good news is, google+ badge is adding support for width, height, color theme, etc., and deprecating the size attribute. And the bad news is, it is still in preview mode which means it might take some time before it is available for general use.

Want to try out the new badge customization features?

Hop to badge preview tool, enter your page id and click on Advanced Options.

You’ll find options to enter width, dark/light theme, etc.

Width supports value from 100 and 1024 pixels.

Height supports only two valid values at this point 69 and 131 pixels.

Theme attribute supports two values dark and light.

Size attribute is deprecated.

Sample tag

<g:plus href=”″ width=”300″ height=”131″ theme=”light”></g:plus>

Default badge

Google+ badge default size

Google+ badge default size

Large badge with 500px width

Google+ badge large size 500px

Google+ badge large size 500px

Large size with dark theme (400px)

Google+ badge 400px dark theme

Google+ badge 400px dark theme

This is a great step towards badge customization however it still lacks support for user specified background color, transparent background, adjusting content according to badge width, etc.,


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  1. Hemant Vandhnani

    Is there any way to change the background color? Blogger provides us only 2 themes but I want some other color as background so is there any option for customizing it?

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