Google I/O 2012 Registration Update: Registration Details to Arrive Soon With Plenty of Time Available

Earlier we reported about the announcement of Google I/O 2012 dates as well as the change in Google I/O dates along with the conference extension to 3 days (from earlier 2 days).

Google I/O 2012 registration update

But since then there was no update about the start of I/O 2012 registration. After digging through several posts and comments hash tagged as #io12 we found the following comment from Google.

Google I/O 2012 dates and registration

Google I/O 2012 Developer Conference

Looks like (from the comments) it is going to take little bit more time than they earlier anticipated (end of February 2012) for the announcement of the I/O 2102 registration details. But what is good to know is, they’ll provide the registration details enough in advance so that there don’t need to be any rush registering (It was crazy for I/O 2011, Server issued unavailable error during registration due to overload and people got only through pressing F5 and refreshing the browser. The whole registration was sold out in under 60 minutes)

Here is comment excerpt from Google+

…your support and excitement is incredible, and we greatly appreciate it. We’re still working on the final registration details for Google I/O 2012, and it’s going to take us past the end of February to finish everything. But please note: When we announce registration details, we’re going to give you plenty of time before we open registration. So you don’t have to keep refreshing your browser, eating and getting crumbs on your keyboard, and drinking coffee to stay awake. Please get some sleep, do some work and some play, and please keep watching +Google Developers and for more information. Thank you again for your wonderful support. Here’s to an amazing Google I/O on June 27-29!

Hope like they said (in above comments) we get enough time in advance before I/O 2012 registration starts and have a smooth registration process this time. Google I/O is awesome and it’s definitely worth the wait. This year it is going to be really huge with Google+ (the hot and fastest growing social network) as one of the main highlights of the conference.


Finally the date for registration is out, so get ready!

Google I/O 2012 registration will start on March 27th 2012 at 7 am PDT (pacific time)

You must have a Google+ account and Google Wallet account to register

Registration is first come first served, so be ready at 7 am pdt on March 27th

General Registration cost is $900 and Academic (Students, Faculty) is $300


Google I/O 2012 registration was sold out in under 2 minutes. According to Google they received about 6200 requests right after opening for registration at 7:01 am. Only the lucky 5000+ people were able to snatch it. Better luck next year for Google I/O 2013 🙂


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      Yep there will be live streaming of keynotes followed by recordings of sessions the following day. There will be also I/O extended parties around the world at various Google offices.

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