Google I/O 2012 Dates Announced, Registration Starting Soon… Google+ to Be the Focus?

Much anticipated, Google’s most popular developer conference a.k.a Google I/O 2012 dates are announced and registration will be starting soon.

Year over year popularity and anticipation to attend Google I/O conferences is growing.

In 2009, after the registration announcements went out the tickets were available for about 6 months before being sold out.

In 2010, the availability shrank from 6 months to under 2 months before being sold out.

In 2011, all the tickets for Google I/O were sold out in under a whopping 56 minutes. There were some technical glitches and server availability issues within those 56 minutes else could have been even shorter. (Hope this year they do something for a smoother registration process)

We were one of the luckiest to make it to the last Google I/O 2011 and pretty sure we’ll be there next year too. This year the theme was mostly set around Mobile, Android and the Tablets.

Google+ not even existed. Now if you watch closely there was a pre-cursor to Google+. Last year for the first time in Google I/O history, Google I/O was broadcasted live via I/O live & I/O Extended viewing parties and over whopping 1 million developers worldwide participated in the same. Was this a trial run for the Google+ hangout and Google+ was under development during that time? Now Google+ is launched and is growing at a enormous rate. As of this writing, Google+ has crossed the 40 million users mark in 3 months.

Besides Android, Chrome OS, App Engine, Games and Google Apps we are pretty sure Google+ is going to be one of the main stream topics. API’s, tools, integration, analytics, etc around Google+ is going to be huge.

Upcoming Google I/O 2012 is happening a month earlier than the last Google I/O 2011. It is between April 24 – 25, 2012 at the same Moscone Center West in San Francisco.

Dates for registration of Google I/O 2012 is not yet announced, please keep checking Google Code Blog. We’ll update once we know the ticket availability dates.

Pretty excited and can’t wait to be part of it again!!!

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