Google+ Pages Api Signup Form for Social Media Management Companies

Google+ is offering a limited access to their pages api that would allow to programmatically access and manage google+ pages via an api (application programming interface).

This api will let your clients easily manage google+ pages via your social media management software. So, if you are a social media management company and interested in integrating your social media services with business pages, this should interest you.

pages api for programmatic access to plus pages

Pages api to create and manage google+ pages (for integration with social media management softwares)

Pages api offers the following features

  • Circle management (create, edit or delete circles)
  • User management within circles (assign users, remove users from circles)
  • Publish text post to public
  • Publish text post to circles
  • Publish photo/images in a post
  • Publish videos in a post

According to the signup form

The Google+ pages API allows social media management companies to add Google+ page management features into their service. Features of the API include circle management (create/delete circles, add/remove users from circles) and publishing (post text/video/images publicly and to circles). Access to these APIs is through a whitelist. If you’re a social media management company interested in getting access to this API, please complete the form below. We review submissions periodically and will reach out directly to companies with demonstrated ability to help brands and businesses manage their social media presence.

Interested in using pages api?, please signup using pages api interest form (NOTE: This is only available for social media management companies at this time)

The review process is manual so please give all relevant information requested in the above form for a better chance of approval (for access to pages api).


Here is the new updated pages api version 2 form.

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