Hangouts Api Version 1.1 With Face Movements, Hangouts on Air, Overlay and Messages Released

Hangouts apps features allows to extend hangouts functionality in many creative ways. There are already many apps available inside hangouts for e.g YouTube, Google Docs, Google effects, etc.,

Developers have come up with many creative applications and hangouts applications are growing. But the current hangouts api v1.0 is limited in functionality and to support the recently released hangouts on air feature, api team is releasing a new updated version 1.1 of hangouts api soon.

Hangouts API v1.1 features

New methods (functions), events and data objects available in the new api

  • Hangouts on Air
    • isOnAirHangout function
    • isBroadcasting function
    • onBroadcastingChanged event
  • Face movements
    • onFaceTrackingDataChanged event
    • FaceTrackingFeature enums
  • Messages
    • sendMessage function
    • onMessageReceived event
  • Overlay
    • getImageResource
    • getPosition
    • getRotation
    • getScale
    • isVisible
    • setPosition
    • setRotation
    • setScale
    • setVisible
  • Other features
    • isPublic
    • getStartData
    • person objects

Hangouts API v1.1 walkthrough video

This hangouts api v1.1 has lots of new functionalities that would provide powerful tools to the developers community to extend and leverage the power of google+ hangouts.

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  1. Fernando Martinelli

    This is really cool!

    I got 2 questions though:

    I want to record meetings that are done on hangouts. However, these should not be broadcast on youtube (confidential). Is that possible?

    Second questions is: when there is a meeting between 2 people, I would like to have the recording saved to my company’s youtube channel, NOT to the youtube channel of one of the two participants. Of course they’ll consent to that. Is that possible?

    Thanks a lot for your help,


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