How to Add Hangout While Creating Event in Google Calendar?

Are you a google+ user and use google calendar for scheduling events and meetings? How about adding a video call (or google+ hangout) to that meeting?

Now you can schedule a google+ hangout right from google calendar. All you have to do is create a event as you would normally do and add a video call as outlined below.

Create a event in google calendar

add a event

Create a Event in Google calendar

Create a new calendar event by clicking on the Create button (red button).

Add a Google+ hangout to the calendar event

Create event with google+ hangout in calendar

Add a Google+ hangout to a event

Click on the Add a Google+ hangout link to add a video call to this calendar event.

Now this event should appear on your recipient’s calendar with a link to launch google+ hangout.

By clicking on the link, now all your event recipients should easily join the meeting via Google+ hangout (video call) at the scheduled date and time. Enjoy!

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