Join and Share Ideas With Former Vice President Al Gore via Hangout! [Video]

Climate change is a huge global problem of our times and is causing huge drought around the world. Farmers struggle big time (due to lack of water) like never ever heard before.

Knowingly or  Unknowingly we contribute to this problem and every one of  us must do something in our powers to help improve the situation.

Former Vice President Al Gore Hangout on Air

It is a well-known fact that former Vice President Al Gore is a strong and powerful advocate of climate change and creates awareness about it around the world.

al gore google+ hangout on air climate change

Former Vice President Al Gore Google+ Hangout on Air about Climate Change [Images: Google+]

On June 11th at 2pm EST he is participating and hosting a Google+ Hangout on Air  to gather and share ideas from everyone of us.

You can RSVP to this Google+ event to participate in this hangout.

Also join this Science on G+ community to share your thoughts and ideas.

Introduction video from Al Gore about the hangout

Enjoy and please do your part to save this planet!

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