Google+ Hangouts Video – Talk, Group Chat With Video Anywhere in the World

Hangout with people anywhere in the world with the convenient of staying wherever you are

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How to Fight Spam in Google+?

Whenever anything online becomes successful, spammers start moving in there and google+ won’t be an execuse.

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Google+ Crosses 10 Million Users Under 2 Weeks in Just Field Trial Mode

Google+ achieved it’s first landmark – after being in field trial mode for about two weeks it has crossed the…


Google+ Circles Video – a New Way of Connecting and Sharing Information

Google+ Circles – A whole new way of connecting and sharing with complete control of privacy.

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Google+ Introduction Video Highlighting the New Social Network Features

An google+ project introduction video – It highlights all the interesting features that are part of the Google+ project.

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Google+ Requires a URL Shortener

People post large url’s or links on posts and it looks ugly, broken on G+.


How to Post to Facebook From Within Google+ Automatically?

Most of people who started using Google+ were using facebook before and updating, sharing or posting in both the social…


What Are Your Favorite Social Networks You Use Everyday?

Social networks play an important role in our life. Here is a poll we created that will help to share…


Google+ Glitch Sends Out Multiple Notifications of the Same Message

Google+ users today were getting multiple notifications of the same message many times due to a glitch.


Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook the Most Popular Person on Google+?

Are you surprised that facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is on Google+? If you are surprised by the above fact, you…


Google+ Invites Are Now Open for Google+ Users

Google has just opened invites for existing Google+ users.


Google+ Business Pages / Profiles for Business

Already created a business profile on Google+ or planning to create one? You should probably wait. According to Google, they…


What Is Google+?

Google+ is a social network by Google the #1 in search engine. Even though there exists other social networks, Google…