Google+ Communities Update: Owner / Moderator Labels in Posts and Comments

Google+ Communities is a forum like discussion service on the Google+ social network that at the minimum is similar to any other forum service on the web but offers a rich set of social features not available elsewhere.

Similar to forums, people who created communities (about a topic/niche) are called Owners. Owners choose to appoint certain members as moderators who’ll help moderate the community (so that everyone has a good time).

However up until now, it was hard to identify who is the owner, moderator, etc., since they all appear same while posting content on community stream.

Your feedback is heard and here comes labels (Owner, Moderator) that identifies members in communities.

Communities Owner Label

Google+ Communities Post Owner Label

Moderator Label in Posts

Google+ Communities Post Moderator Label

Moderator Label in Comments

Google+ Communities Comment Moderator Label


You are welcome to JOIN our Google+ news community, interact with us and our readers and check out for yourself. Want to be a moderator in our Community? Please mention your interest on our Google+ news page.

This is a nice feature that most of the community members will definitely appreciate, Thanks to Communities team.

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