Google+ Real Name Policy Explained in Detail – Invalid Profiles May Be Suspended!

We have covered about google plus profile deletion or suspension in an earlier post. But at that time there was not enough clear explanation about the policy which was causing a huge uproar among the google plus community.

Now google has a detailed guide explaining it’s real name policy. The idea behind real name policy was simple, connecting on google+ world must be the same as connecting in real world. We don’t connect or socialize with others with nick names or fake names. Google is trying to emulate the same philosophy in the online world. (We ourselves agree with this idea or not is a different topic but that is current google+ real name policy.)

However google has listened to user feedback, made some changes, made adjustments wherever possible and published the following guidelines / rules

  • Use your full first and lastname in a single language (first name in english and last name in chinese not allowed)
  • Use pseudonyms or nicknames in other names field in the profile
  • Avoid special characters in your name (No **name**, etc)
  • Google+ profile must be towards an individual (Representing business, groups, community, etc are not allowed)
  • Don’t impersonate others (We can see lot’s of profiles impersonating celebrities in other networks)
  • Name once changed must wait 30 days before changing again
  • If your name is legit and still the google+ system doesn’t accept, you’ll see appropriate instructions of how to appeal
  • Once a profile is suspended, all services that are dependent on profiles won’t be available (google+, buzz, picasa, reader). Only after correcting the name and submitting the appeal and if accepted will re-enable these services
  • Services like Gmail won’t be affected by profile suspension
  • When a profile is found in violation by the system, you’ll have up to 4 days to correct the name before system triggers a suspension (This was not on their guide but was shared on google+ posts)
We have summarized all the google plus real name guidelines for you. For more details you may read it on the Google+ project site.
Pseudonyms are going to be supported in Google+ soon, checkout web 2.0 summit google+ announcements.

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  1. Cyberpunk

    “We don’t connect or socialize with others with nick names or fake names.”  yes, if you are complete and utter geek nerds with no social skills or global awareness, otherwise this statement is complete and utter nonsense. There are 1000’s of people called by their nicknames or by their artists names, or people who have renamed or re-invented themselves. Where do you live? This REAL name policy is invasive and near Big Brother Fascistic. Let people be themselves, not by your limited tunnel-vision homogenous view of the world. Get rid of this policy now, no excuses, its not up to you to decide how people want to be known, or be called. Its a SOCIAL NETWORK, not ***king nerdsville. Seriously you guys need a slap for being so arrogant, and ignorant. Get out of the HOUSE. 

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