Eric Schmidt Former Google CEO and Current Executive Chairman Finally Joins Google+!

There has been quite a rant online lately that Google’s executives are not on Google+ and not using their own products.

We thought of taking a quick look for ourself to verify the claim and found it was only partially true. Unfortunately since there was no way to find when they joined the network (from their profiles), however based on the posts they shared or followers, we can take a quick guess of when they might have joined the network.

According to our findings only Eric Schmidt, former CEO and current executive chairman of Google joined recently but pretty much majority of other executives were on Google+ right from the beginning or for quite some time. They were definitely using their flagship social product – Google+.

Eric Schmidt on Google+

Eric Schmidt on Google+

Here is a quick list of some of Google executives on Google+

This is just a partial list and we are compiling a list of Google executives to release as a shared circle. Once we have a pretty good coverage of majority of the executives, we’ll publish it here.

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