Want to Buy Google Glass? Ask Your Friend for an Invite!

Wondering How to Buy a Google Glass and can’t find a way to get one? In Coming weeks Google offers a way to buy one, All you need is an Invite from your explorer friend.

We all know that Google Glass is the next big thing in wearable computing and people can’t wait to buy one. Unfortunately it is still not released and was made available only to a few through the Glass Explorer program.

So far some Celebrities and Glass Explorers are trying it out and providing feedback to google. Surprisingly today Google announced couple of changes to it.

1. If you are a Glass Explorer you can do a one-time swap out of existing Google Glass with a new one

2. Over the next few weeks, every Glass Explorer will have the option to invite up to 3 of their friends into Explorer program (Cool huh!)

Buy Google Glass through Invite from Glass Explorers


So if you have $1,500 (that is price during explorer program) ready, all you have to do is find a friend who is already a Glass Explorer program and ask to send an invite. You have to rush and convince your friend since there is a limit of 3 invites per glass explorer.

Google Glass Explorers don’t have to do anything to participate in this invite program. All explorers expect an email from Google with details.

Enjoy and Share your thoughts if you manage to get one.

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