Google+ Auto Awesome Hearts for Valentines Day!

Google+ always does something unique and creative on special occasions. This time it is the Auto Awesome Hearts effect applied to your Google+ photos for the Valentines Day.

How to Add Auto Awesome Hearts Effect?

Just upload any photo with people kissing to your Google+ account or share it with someone special and you’ll get a notification when your auto awesome hearts effect photo is ready.

Refer to the following sample picture (Shared by Erik Murphy of Google) to get an idea of how auto awesome hearts effect may be applied to your Google+ photos.

Google+ Offers Auto Awesome Hearts for Valentines Day [images: Erik Murphy/Google+]


Google+ is one single and unique social network that always stay connected with its users and offers something special for every season.

Enjoy the Google+ Auto Awesome Hearts effect for your photos!

What do you think about this cool feature? Share your thoughts through comments below.

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