How to Watch ‘Ever Given’ or ‘Suez Canal’ Animated Ship in Google Search?

It’s been more than a week since one of the world’s largest cargo ships ‘Ever Given’ was stuck in the Suez Canal.

Thanks for the heroic efforts by people who worked tirelessly with help from dredgers, tug boats, and a surprise help from the full moon that helped raise the tide and freed the ship.

With the ship freed and the Suez canal opened again for business, Google honors freeing the ship with an animated moving ship experience during the search for certain keywords.

Freeing of “Ever Given” ship Animation in Google

[Sometimes animated GIF may not load automatically if you don’t see the animation simply click on the image above to see the animated gif video]

Want to try for yourself? Just head to and type ever given and you’ll see the ship animation as shown in the animation picture above.

You can also type Suez Canal in Google search and experience the same.


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