Hangouts Remote Desktop App Helps to Provide Face to Face Technical Support!

Chrome web browser and Chrome OS has this wonderful extension called Chrome Remote Desktop that allows others to access your computer (with your permission) via the internet.

The person you allowed to access can now login into your windows machine and provide technical support and you may stay on a phone or chat and talk with him.

How about achieving the same thing but this time seeing each other face to face and interact in real-time?

remote desktop hangouts app

Hangout remote desktop app in a session (Images: Google+)

That is exactly this new hangouts app called hangouts remote desktop is helping you to achieve; A real google+ hangouts based face to face live technical support with the convenience of one being anywhere around the world. Sounds cool huh?

Definition of the app (in their own words)

Hangouts Remote Desktop – Tech support powered by hangouts

A Hangouts app for people to help other people with their computers, by controlling them remotely (with their permission)

How to launch hangouts remote desktop app?

Please launch hangout as you would normally do, click on the … in the hangout navigation icons, click Add apps and choose Remote desktop in the list of apps (refer images below), then follow onscreen guidelines, Invite your friends or any google+ user and solve technical problems with a face to face discussion in realtime.

How to launch hangout apps?

How to launch hangout apps?


adding remote desktop hangout app

How to select hangout remote desktop app?


Hangouts is already revolutionizing the way we communicate with people around the world. This wonderful app is going to take technical support and assistance to a whole new level by helping each other with the convenience of their home.

Please check it out and share your thoughts.

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