How to Opt-Out of Google+ Shared Endorsements or Ads?

Google(+) just rolled out this new feature called Shared Endorsements that shows your picture and recommendations below Google Ad’s.


How to Delete Your Google+ Auto Backup Photos?

Google+ Mobile App automatically backs up your photos (as you take them) through a feature called Google+ Auto Backup (a.k.a…


Google+ Embed Post: Embedded Content Policy

When you embed content from Google+ on a webpage, article, or other external location, you must follow the Google Terms…

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How to Embed Google+ Posts on Your Website?

Google+ today rolled out embedding Google+ Posts on any webpage / website that allows javascript.

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What Is That Blue Ribbon in Google+ Stream?

Wondering what is that blue ribbon icon that randomly appears next to a Google+ post in your incoming stream?

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How to Switch Google+ From Multiple Column to Single Column Layout?

Google+ switched to a default multi-column layout for the posts stream during their last major update announced during Google I/O…

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How to Disable Google+ Auto Backup of Photos and Videos in Android?

Auto Backup (previously instant upload) feature in Google+ mobile app automatically backs up your photos and videos as you shoot…

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How to Disable or Customize +1 Activity Update Seen by Extended Circles?

Google+ recently rolled out this feature that when you +1’d a post, people in your extended circles (who also added you…

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download instant upload photos or albums

How to Download Instant Upload Photos From Google+?

Instant Upload when enabled is a great feature that automatically uploads and sync’s photos (via your google+ mobile app) as they are…

How to control home stream with google+ community posts

How to Hide or Customize Google+ Communities Post’s That Appear in Your Home Stream?

Communities is a popular feature in the google+ network where people with similar interests share and collaborate. In other words…

download google+ album

How to Download Google+ Photo Albums With the Click of a Button?

Google+ photos didn’t support downloading the entire album for a while and you’ll have to download individual photos at a time.

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How to Geo Tag or Add Location to Your Google+ Photos or Albums?

Google+ team just rolled out a new feature that allows to geo tag or add geographical location information to your…

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Keyboard Shortcuts for Your Google+ Hangout Window [PC and Mac]

Here is the list of keyboard shortcuts that are useful while you are on a Google+ hangout window. Also read…


10 Useful Google+ Keyboard Shortcuts While Reading Posts and Comments

Here is a list of Google+ keyboard shortcuts that are useful while reading your incoming stream.