Google+ Real Name Policy Explained in Detail – Invalid Profiles May Be Suspended!

We have covered about google plus profile deletion or suspension in an earlier post. But at that time there was…

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Longest Running Google Plus Hangout Marathon and It’s Still Going After 27 Days!!

We have covered in detail about google plus hangout in an earliest post. In this post we’ll talk about a…


Google Plus Seo? Public Posts to Appear on Google Search Results!

Google has announced that public shared posts on google plus will soon appear on google social search results (SERP’s).

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Message when google plus games not enabled

Google Plus Games Is Launched – Enabled in Phases for Google Plus Users!

You love games and missing that feature in google plus? Your wait is over and google has answered game lovers.


Google Plus Api Signup for Developers – Google Plus Api on the Way!!

It’s been a month since google plus (google+) went live in trial mode and it’s growing at a exponential pace….


What Is a Google Plus Hangout (Video Group Chat)?

Google plus hangout is a innovative and unique feature of google+ social network. There exists no such feature in any…


Posting on CNET About Google Plus From Roger McNamee

An article posted by CNET about 15 hours ago quotes Roger McNamee saying that G+ is doomed.

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Google Plus Profile Deletion Warning

Are you on google plus and have a profile? Then please read on.

7 comments the New Shortener Shortcut Url for Official Google Sites

We are all aware of, google’s public url shortener service that is available to everyone. Now google introducing…

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Google’s Picasa Web Album Soon to Be Renamed as Google Photos

Enjoy using the free picasa web album? You are going to enjoy even better.


Google Blogs – That Is the New Name for Blogger or BlogSpot or changed the way how everyone started blogging in the early days of blog revolution. Today, almost everyone…


Google+ Introduction Video Highlighting the New Social Network Features

An google+ project introduction video – It highlights all the interesting features that are part of the Google+ project.

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Google+ Glitch Sends Out Multiple Notifications of the Same Message

Google+ users today were getting multiple notifications of the same message many times due to a glitch.