Google Plus Api Signup for Developers – Google Plus Api on the Way!!

It’s been a month since google plus (google+) went live in trial mode and it’s growing at a exponential pace. Google plus has already crossed 25 million users.

As any successful project makes progress, the first thing a developer want’s is an api (application programming interface) to develop tools and applications and extend the functionality beyond it.

Of course  no successful large online project exists out there without an api. Twitter is a very good example. You can’t imagine where twitter would have been today without an api. It’s the api that took twitter to a whole new level. Developers taking advantage of the api developed power tools, twitter desktop applications, iphone, ipad, android and smartphone applications. Today twitter is so popular that next version of iPhone 5 is going to have operating system level tight integration built into it.

The basic idea is simple, when an api is available developers create innovate things with it and take it to whole new level.

So, google plus is going to be no exception. Google is well known for providing open api’s for pretty much any product they have to date. Now the great news is, they are working on a google plus api that’ll be available soon.

As part of an effort to prioritize who is going to get access to the google plus api first, google has released an online google plus api signup form.

This google plus api signup form is also going to be a testing ground to see how much developers are going to be interested in developing power tools, desktop, web and smartphone applications. So, if you are planning to leverage google plus api, click on the above mentioned signup form and register your details before it’s too late.

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