Google Chromecast Android App 1.3.10 Released

Google Chromecast has released version 1.3.10 of their android app with easier navigation, improved time zone display and display of Chromecast MAC address.

Features in Chromecast App ver 1.3.10

Google Chromecast Android App ver 1.3.10 Released


– Nice Flying menu for easier navigation (like many other google android apps)
– Improved time zone display under Device Info screen
– Display the Chromecast MAC address, to help with network troubleshooting. (Goto Devices, Touch on a Chromecast device that appears in the device’s screen and look for the MAC and IP Address in the bottom of the screen)
– Fixed a crash when launching device settings screen (bug fix)

Install or Update the latest ver 1.3.10 of Chromecast App from Google Play Store.

Check it out and share your thoughts, Enjoy!.

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