Buy OnePlus One Android Phone Without Invite Code

OnePlus One is one of the best Android phone that is packed with amazing hardware specifications and still sells at an affordable price.

However the problem is the site requires an Invite Code to buy this amazing phone. The good news is, In the spirit of Holiday season OnePlus One is now available for immediate purchase without an Invite Code (short-term only and while supplies last).

Just visit the OnePlus site here, Add your choice of 16GB model for $299 or 64GB model for $349 to the shopping cart and checkout.

Another cool thing is they estimate the phone to arrive by December 25th 2014 just in time for the Christmas.

So if you plan to gift someone or want to buy for yourself this may be your best opportunity to order this amazing phone.

Share your thoughts below if you were able to buy one for this holiday season.

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