Manage a Google+ Page Made Easy With the Release of a New Button Today!

Let’s say you created a Google+ page through your personal Google+ account. One of the problems or complaints we often hear about is how to get to the page and manage it.

Managing a page is built in, but unfortunately for quite a lot of people it was hard to figure it out or it was deeply buried in. We earlier also covered through a post about how to manage, edit or delete a google+ page but that didn’t help.

There is good news for those you find it hard. Today Google+ team has released a new button called Manage this page.

Google+ manage page button

Google+ manage this page button

The way this works is really simple. If you go to a Google+ page that you created/managing, it’ll automatically slide in a blue button on the top of the page (refer image above) inside a dark grey background panel. Once you click on the Manage this page button, you’ll be automatically switched from your personal profile to that Google+ page.

All the posts, sharing, photos or videos that now you share are from this Google+ page. The Google+ bar or the new Google+ menu on the top will immediately reflect the switch from your personal profile to the Google+ page profile (+Yourname to +PageName).

Managing a page can’t get easier than this, enjoy!!


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  1. Lesek

    Good, but… Still only one admin for page? This is nice, but multi admin support is much more useful – and it is still missing, as far as I know.

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