Google+ Pages : Multiple Managers/admins, Transfer Ownership, Delete Page and New Notifications Released!

A month ago we wrote a post covering updates like page administrators/ managers, transfer ownership coming to Google+ pages. In fact it was one of the most requested feature right after the release of business pages.

There is great news for all of those waiting for this much sought after feature. Yesterday as part of the new update, Google+ team has released the following new business page features.

Google+ page multiple admins / managers

Google+ pages multiple managers

Google+ pages multiple managers

This new feature allows up to 50 google+ users to be page admins or managers for any Google+ page. Managers can be added by just inviting through email address.

  • Goto manage Google+ pages
  • Click on the Settings link (on the page you want to change settings)
  • Click on the Managers in the left
  • Under Add managers by email on the right, enter an email address (for the user you want as admin) and click Invite button
  • Once the user accepts the invitation, he becomes manager for the page
  • Now he can manage the page, invite other managers, etc.
  • As a owner you can revoke and remove a manager any time. Just click the x link next to the manager you want to delete

Transfer Ownership

Google+ pages transfer ownership

Google+ pages transfer ownership

Once you have multiple managers added to your Google+ pages (refer image above), Transfer ownership link on Managers page will be enabled. Click on transfer ownership to transfer the page to the new owner.

New and rich notifications

Google+ pages now include notifications and if you have noticed they are more informative and looking greater than before.

Notification Delivery

Delivery of notifications can be now configured to a different email address than your original google+ account’s email address.

  • Goto manage pages
  • Click on the Settings link
  • Click on the General link on the left
  • Under Notification delivery on the right, click on Change link to add a different email address

+1 and added to circles count

Just below the google+ pages profile picture, now you’ll find the new updated count. It now shows as a combined count of total number of +1’s plus total number of people added this page to their circles.

Delete a Google+ Page

Delete a page if you are no longer interested. Just follow the steps as above, but instead of the last step, look for the Delete page link in the bottom of the page.

These new features bring greater control to Google+ pages.

Enjoy and have fun!!

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  1. Simon Kitcher

    thanks so much Google+ for this wonderful update to G+ pages. perfect for the very very popular Google+ theme days.  will soon publish my updated illustrated guide to G+ pages for the benifit of all the Google+ and G+ community 

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