How to Apply or Get a Verified Profile or Verified Google+ Page?

By this time you might have either created or visited a Google+ profile as well as Google+ pages. If you looked closely on the top of the profile or pages, you might have noticed a tick sign which indicates a verified profile or a verified brand page.

For example in the following screenshot, you’ll find a tick mark next to Larry Page, Google CEO’s Profile

Larry Page verified Google+ profile

Larry Page verified Google+ profile

and in the following screenshot a tick mark next to Google brand Google+ page

Google brand verified Google+ page

Google brand verified Google+ page

What this means to the end user is : above profile and page is a verified page or profile and you can be assured that the profile whoever it claims is true and the page guaranteed to represent the title of the page. In other words you are safe from impersonators (You could also find some verified celebrities and here). Google has taken extra step to verify their identities and issued them the verified seal.

But we quite often get this question, How to apply or get my Google+ profile or page verified?

In short you can’t request or apply for a verified profile or page. As of this writing Google+ hasn’t put out any formal process of applying for verified page or profiles, However they have mentioned that if they feel your profile or page is eligible for a verification badge, they’ll contact you directly and walk through the process.

We’re not sure how this works but we’ve heard online that they have asked for identification cards for certain users and activated their profile as verified. There are already over 40+ million users without including the Google+ pages and google+ is growing really fast. That said verification of profiles and pages is a long and painstaking process and will take time.

So, we would advise be patient. Meanwhile write and share quality content, build up your circles, increase your followers which might help you get contacted by Google+ for verification.


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    If you are looking to apply to get your Google+ profile verified, than unfortunately there is no method to get your profile verified. The only way to get verified is to get added in large amount of circles (I don’t know what amount is Large for Google+). If you have been added in large amount of Circle, than Google may reach to you to get your profile name verified. It is a manual process, so you can’t apply for it.

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