Google+ Age Requirements Relaxed From 18 to 13 Years for US and Worldwide (Varies for Some Countries)!

Google accounts or authentication is required to use Google+. Prior to this change only users with 18 years and above could signup for google accounts.

This has frustrated youngsters below 18+ years and it can be easily understood since they are one of the largest contributors to social networks and the social media.

The good news is, the wait is over. Now if you are 13 years or above you can signup / create a google account and start using Google+ right away.

Google+ age requirement relaxed to 13 years

Google+ age requirement relaxed to 13 years

Latest Google+ Age requirements

  • United States (US) : 13 years or above
  • Spain : 14 years or above
  • South Korea : 16 years or above
  • All other Countries : 13 years or above

Under 18 Hangout Users

For safety reasons, a consent is required while hanging out with people who are not in your circles.

According to Google

For your safety, if you’re under the age of 18 you must consent to hang out with people who are not in your Circles. When you initially join a hangout you are consenting to hang out with everyone who is there. You also have to consent when new people join the hangout, if they’re not in your Circles.

Also Hangouts with Extras and Hangouts on Air is not available to you at this moment.

Since Google Accounts can be used to access various other google products there could additional age requirements specific to those products. You’ll be prompted while signing up for those products. For e.g YouTube might require 18+ years for viewing mature content.

Thanks to Google for listening to under 18 age group requests and relaxing the age requirements for Google+. This is going to bring in large group of youngsters/teens into the brand new social network.

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  1. Top Online Associate Degree

    One fact is right about the contribution towards social media is that majority of the users are teenagers who interact in social activities while the 20’s, 30’s & the rest ages users relies on different things like business promotion. Google will definitely get a huge boost of traffic by lifting restrictions.

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