Google+ History Api : Moments a Google+ Way of Facebook Timeline Coming Soon!

Google+ history a.k.a moments is the latest buzz in the G+ world. This is something like that of facebook timeline but done the Google+ way (Not just limited to G+ instead share your moments from around the web).

This feature along with a history api was just announced in the Google I/O 2012 developer conference and available ONLY for the platform developers in as a developer preview.

Google+ version of facebook timeline
Google+ history / moments api

Here is what google+ history according to them

Google+ history is a collection of moments that describe activities the user has engaged across the web and applications. You can use the Google+ history API to write to a user’s Google+ history and they can share the important moments in their life with their circles.

You can write many kinds of moments to the Google+ history based on the activities of the user within your application or site. Your application can classify the activities based on markup to accurately describe the moment.

Developers can signup for the developer preview account and access the history in Google+.

This is the first time developers allowed to write to Google+ through an API (rest of the google+ api‘s just allow to read activity from the network).

Interested in developing applications for the google+ platform? then you should signup for the preview account and checkout the new api.

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  1. people already hate the facebook timeline. Whoever launches this should be very, very careful.

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