Google+ Now Supports Full Size Upload and Sharing of Photos From Your Desktop

Google+ photos today announced a new feature called Upload my photos at full size – What this means is, now you can upload your pictures (and even videos) at its fullest resolution without worrying about being resized to 2048 pixels.

Google+ upload photos at full size for desktop

Prior to this change when you upload your photos, Google+ photos automatically resizes to 2048 pixels on the longest edge and stores it. But the problem is you might lose some precious quality and resolution of that favorite picture that you put a lot of effort on.

No more worries. Today onwards, when you enable the full size upload setting,  your pictures stored at their fullest and original resolution without being resized or compressed. With Google+ being home to one of the largest photographers community this is definitely a God send.

This feature turned off by default (to save your storage, read more about it below)

Here are the steps to enable full size upload in desktop

enable upload photos at full size or resolution

How to enable Google+ photos upload at full size?

  • Go to Google+ settings (inside google+ click on gear icon in the top right and choose settings)
  • Scroll to the Photos section (photo settings)
  • Look for Upload my photos at full size setting and enable it (unchecked by default)
  • Thats it, done!. Now you can upload your pictures irrespective of its file size

Some points to ponder about this feature

  • When you enable this feature, all photos uploaded with larger resolution than 2048 pixels counted towards your Google drive storage
  • You get 5 GB of free drive storage with your Google+ account
  • When you used up all your 5 GB storage all further uploads fall back automatically to the previous 2048 pixels resolution
  • Google+ doesn’t limit how many photos you can upload at 2048 pixel resolution (you can upload as much as you want)
  • You always have option to increase your drive storage by buying more storage (it’s not that expensive)
  • You’ll see notification as soon as you hit the storage limit
  • Ran out of storage by uploading full size photos? No problem, Google+ automatically switches to 2048 pixel limitation mode and you continue without interruption
  • For videos, you can upload as much as you want as long as it is under 15 minutes and 1080p or below quality
  • For videos with over 15 minutes and higher resolutions it uses from your drive storage

Steps to enable this feature in mobile

mobile full size upload of photos

How to enable full size photo uploads in Google+ mobile app?

  • Launch Google+ app
  • Go to settings
  • Touch Instant Upload option
  • Touch on Set storage size option
  • Change from Standard size to Full size (or vice versa incase if you want to disable it)
  • That’s it, done!

This is a great news for photo enthusiasts, photographers and almost every Google+ citizen. Now enjoy sharing your photos and videos with your friends, circles in it fullest resolution.

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