Hangouts on Air (HOA / YouTube) Maintenance Notification!

Do you use Hangouts on Air (HOA) everyday? Then this YouTube maintenance notice will be of more importance to you.

On May 30th between 2.00 to 4.00 pm PST, YouTube is undergoing maintenance. Since Hangouts on Air is built on top of YouTube (for broadcasting) this particular Google+ service will be affected too. So, please avoid planning any hangouts during this period.

YouTube Hangouts Maintenance downtime

YouTube / Hangouts on Air (HOA) maintenance!

Things to remember

  • During this maintenance you may not be able to Initiate, participate or end a hangout on air broadcast
  • Video recordings (hangouts happened right before this maintenance) may take longer to process and have broadcast video available on YouTube
  • Commenting, Subscribing or Uploading Videos on YouTube will also be affected

Stay informed and plan your hangouts earlier or after this maintenance period.

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