Watch National Geographic’s 125th Anniversary Google+ Hangout Live Now!

Watch National Geographic channel’s 125th Anniversary hangout live on Air now! Enjoy!

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Google+ moments in 2012

Google+ Memorable Moments in 2012! [Video]

Here is a quick short video from Google+ team that highlights the greatest moments in Google+ during the year 2012.

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Ghetto Film School Uses Hangouts to Connect With Directors Around the World [Video]

Ghetto film school, a not for profit organization founded in 2000 teaches the art of cinematic story telling to younger…

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Google+ Hangouts Now Allow Up to 15 Users for Businesses, Governments and Schools!

It is no secret anymore that hangouts is one of the popular and most used feature on Google+. Given its…


Unboxing Apple iPad Mini via a Google+ Hangout by Los Angeles Times [Video]

There is a hangout pretty much for everything. If you search for hangout on our site, you’ll find many hangout…

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Google+ Hangout Screen Redesigned With New Sidebar, Colorful Notifications and Easy to Find Apps!

It’s no secret that hangouts is one of the most popular feature on Google+ and therefore it gets great attention…

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Journalist sharing Syria updates via Google+ hangout from border in Turkey

Watch Christy Wilcox Sharing Syria Updates via Google+ Hangout on Air [Video]

You are already aware that Google+ hangouts have help improved communication and collaboration among millions of people around the world…

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Najib Razak Google+ hangout budget session 2013

Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak to Address Public via Google+ Hangout

Mr. Najib Razak, honorable prime minister of Malaysia to address citizens, experts and foreign nationals via Google+ hangout on the…

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google+ hangout with Arnold Schwarzenegger (former governor of california)

Hangout With Arnold Schwarzenegger on October 5th via Hangout on Air!

Are you Interested in hanging out (via Google+ hangout) with the famous Hollywood actor and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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White House Live Google+ Hangout Tomorrow About Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a global problem and the U.S. administration has developed and executing a comprehensive strategy to combat this…

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Cameraman app visibility control settings

Cameraman Hangout App Lets You Run Your Own Show Inside Hangouts on Air (HOA)

We all like to run our own show on Television (interviewing guests, celebrities, etc.,) but the problem is we may…

Peer to peer gmail video chat replaced with modern hangouts technology

Gmail Video Chat Is Upgraded With Better Face to Face Hangouts and Experience!

If you have used Gmail you might have already used gmail video chat. It’s a peer to peer video technology…

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hangout captions app install

Hangout Captions a New Hangout App Provides Live Transcription Services and Improves Accessibility

Google+ has released a new hangout app called Hangout captions that provides live transcription services inside your google+ hangout.

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HOA is rolled out to all google+ users in 220+ countries

Hangouts on Air With Recording Feature Now Available in 220 Countries

Hangouts on air is a cool feature that automatically live streams, records and broadcasts hangout video on YouTube. In addition…

Thyroid surgery by doctors broadcasted using google+ hangouts

Google+ for Medicine: Thyroid Surgery via Google+ Hangout [Video]

Hangouts the one of most popular feature on google+ is changing how we socialize and communicate online. Every moment many…

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