Google Cloud Storage Now Automatically Encrypts All Data Stored on It

Google Cloud Storage is a product that allows to store, access and manage your data on Google’s scalable cloud storage infrastructure.

It is incredibly fast, reliable and provides unlimited storage with no upfront investment or start-up costs. You only pay for what you use.

When you talk about Cloud, Data security is key for any type of business. With that in mind, now they’ve introduced 128 bit AES-128 encryption to all data stored on cloud storage automatically.

What this means is, there is no setup, configuration or programming involved. Encryption is enabled automatically (Encryption keys are managed by Google) and all your data stored hereafter will be encrypted. Data will be automatically decrypted (on the fly) when accessed by your authorized users. On top of this, all this will happen without any visible performance impact, so cool.

Here is the blog post with more details about the announcement.

Data stored prior to this announcement will be migrated and encrypted in coming months.

Want an extra layer of security? You could always store encrypted data into the cloud storage and manage keys for yourselves. But that will require extra maintenance of keys on your side.

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