French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Google+ Ahead of 2012 French Elections!

It is election season in France and current president Nicolas Sarkozy is one of the ten candidates who qualified for first round of voting.

Every leader or candidate turns out to social media to reach out to their supporters as well as the public. When it comes to elections, Google+ is relatively new with just 10 months since the launch of the network.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy on Google+

French president Nicolas Sarkozy on Google+ (Images : Google+)

But Google+ is getting quite popular with the elections around the world. Some of them to note are Egypt elections, news about Barack obama and Mitt Romney hangouts, etc.

The next to join in the list is French president Nicolas Sarkozy. He has joined Google+ and is quite active in sharing his message..

Checkout his profile on Google+ (It is a verified profile)

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