Google Launches Free Radio Service in the US

Google has launched a FREE Radio Service with a ton of expert picked and curated radio stations to directly compete with Pandora, Spotify and other leading online music streaming services.

This is available to all Google Play Music service accounts in the United States (US) whether you’re a paid or free customer. You may browse Google Radio stations here and choose stations based on Genres, Activities (Gym, Workout, etc), Moods, Decades or even for Kids.

If you’re using Google Play Music for uploading your own music (remember Google offers FREE storage for up to 50,000 songs), this radio service will offer station suggestions based on your own collection and listening habits.

Google FREE Radio in U.S

Google FREE Radio in U.S

Key points to note
  • Google Radio Service is available in Web, Android and iOS devices to FREE
  • You may skip up to 6 songs per hour
  • When you try to skip more than 6 songs you’ll be provided option to subscribe to Google Music Service ($9.99 / month)
    • Subscribing provides instant access to 30 million+ songs
    • Unlimited skips while listening to Google Radio Stations
    • You may just ignore the Subscribe option and still continue the music (It’ll be Ad supported)
  • Video ads will appear while starting new radio stations
  • Banner ads will appear in the bottom of the screen
  • Only available in the U.S (as of this writing)

I personally tried this free radio service and love it. Now i don’t have to organize songs my songs or search to play songs. Most of the time I just pick one of the radio stations suggested which are personalized based on my listening habits and just enjoy my music. Moreover the service is available on all my day-to-day devices like Mac and Android smartphones.

Are you already using Google Play Music and Radio service or planning to sign up? Please share your thoughts below.

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