Reform ECPA: Just 4000 Signatures Required to Reach Goal but Only Few Hours Left!

There is a petition on White House website to reform ECPA i.e Tell the Government to Get a Warrant. It is just short of 4000 signatures to reach its goal of 100,000 signatures.

But the problem is, this has to happen by 12th December 2013 i.e Midnight Thursday. According to petition rules, a petition must have to cross 100,000 signature threshold to ensure a response.

Reform ECPA White House Petition [Images: White House Website]

For those who are not aware ECPA stands for Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

So if you are interested in this matter, Just take a couple of minutes and sign the petition on White House website here.

This petition is supported by leading companies including Google. Most of us already have received email from Derek Slater, Policy Manager from Google with subject “Last chance: ECPA petition” asking to sign for this petition.

Check it out and if you are interested, sign and submit the petition.

Update #1: Signatures by the allowed timeline crossed 100,000 and the petition was successful. White House will now provide a official since it met the goal of minimum 100,000 signatures. Thanks for all those participated.

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