Translate Google+ Posts From Any Language to English or Any Language of Your Choice Chrome Plugin From Google Released!

Ever wondered in Google+, what somebody is saying in totally a different language that you don’t know or don’t even…

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How to Reorder Circles in Google+?

Circles is a whole new concept introduced in google+ and it is undeniably one of the most popular feature in google+.


How to Ignore a Person or Block a Person in Google Plus?

Is someone annoying you on google plus or you are not interested in what they are sharing? Google+ understands your…


How to Search in Google Plus? – You Heard It Right, a Key Missing Feature in Google+!!

It’s been a more than a month since google plus launched and so far our experience with google+ is smooth…

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How to Send a Private Message in Google Plus?

Want to send a private message to friend or someone on google plus? Here is how you do it…


How to Request for a New Google Plus Feature?

It’s been just a month since google plus launched in free trial mode. Google is still working on putting it’s…


How to Disable Instant Upload to Google Plus From Your Android or Iphone App?

One of the cool features of google plus mobile app is instant upload i.e upload the pictures or video as…


How to Do Delete a Google Plus Profile and All the Data Associated With It?

Want to delete google plus profile and the data associated with it? then please readon…


Google Takeout – Export Your Data From Google Products Made Easy

One of the goal that google tries to achieve is data openness. As a owner of your own data you should…


How to Get a Free Google+ Invite?

Google has launched it’s best social network effort ever with the launch of Google+ in limited trial mode. Since it’s…


How to Import Facebook Friends Into Google+?

Almost everyone of us have a facebook account and we all have built our friends, colleagues and or other circles…


How to Fight Spam in Google+?

Whenever anything online becomes successful, spammers start moving in there and google+ won’t be an execuse.

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How to Post to Facebook From Within Google+ Automatically?

Most of people who started using Google+ were using facebook before and updating, sharing or posting in both the social…