Britney Spears on Google+

Britney Spears Is the First and Fastest User to Reach 2 Million+ Followers on Google+

If you would have come across one of our earlier posts, you might have already aware that Britney Spears is…

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Google+ top 10 users with million+ followers

Top 10 Most Popular Google+ Users With Over Million+ Followers!

Wondering which G+ user to circle/follow or curious about most popular/followed people on Google+? Aim of this post is to…

Google+ official user statistics as of Jan 2012

Google+ Has 90 Million+ Users According to Official Statistics as of Jan 2012 From Google!

Google today put an end to the speculation of How many users does Google+ actually have? As we stated in our…

Google+ 49 million unique users in U.S

Google+ Has 49 Million Unique Users in US Alone as of December 2011!

One of the buzz word you continuously keep hearing in the social media world is How much users does Google+ have? To know…

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Hitwise Google+ statistics for December 2011

Google+ Enjoys Steady Growth for Last 8 Out of 9 Weeks in the US as of December 2011!

Few days ago we shared statistics from Nielsen’s that talks about Google+ ranking 8th out of top 10 social networks…

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Snoop Dogg has over million+ followers on Google+

Snoop Dogg 3rd Most Followed People on Google+ Joins the Million Followers Club!

It was first Britney spears (yes the popular recording artist and entertainer) briefly followed by Larry Page (co-founder and ceo…

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Google+ was #8 out of top 10 social networks and blog in the US

Google+ Ranks 8th Position in Top 10 US Social Networks and Blogs According to Nielsen’s Report!

Nielsen’s, a global leader in measurement and information has released their infamous Nielsen’s tops 0f 2011 report by reviewing top…

Larry page with million+ followers on Google+

Larry Page Is Now Second Most Followed People on Google+ to Cross One Million Followers!

Around 10 days ago, we reported about Britney spears becoming the first and the fastest person on Google+ to reach one million…

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Vic Gundotra of Google+ shares Tom Anderson's post

Google+ Has Reached 150 Million Active Users According to Un-Official Statistics, Really?

On October 14th 2011, we reported Google+ has reached 40 million users which was an official statistic that was announced by…

Britney Spears One Million+ Followers in Google+

Britney Spears First and Fastest Google+ User to Reach One Million Followers!

You might have already read our Britney Spears joining Google+ post as well as she becoming the most popular person on Google+…


Google+ Statistics Update Nov 2011: Traffic Up 25% Than Last Month With 6.8 Million Total US Visits in a Week!

Google+ was launched in July 2011 and since then it recorded growth month over month. In october 2011 it officially…


Larry Page Clinches Most Popular or Followers Spot on Google+ From Mark Zuckerburg!

Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of facebook had a verified profile on Google+ right from the beginning and was holding the #1…

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Google+ User Base Has Crossed 40 Millions and Growing – Official Statistics From Google CEO!

Google today released their 3rd quarter earnings right after the close of NASDAQ bell. As part of the earnings conference…

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Google+ Traffic Plunges 60% and Users Moving Away, Really?

Few days back if you would have noticed, there was quite a buzz online that Google+ social network’s traffic plunged…


Google+ Usage Growing 1269% in a Week and 2 Million Users Joined a Day Since Launch of Public Open Beta Signup!!

Google+ social network was launch in field trial mode around 3 months ago and we all know it’s growing at…